Device Identification and Scanning

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The Topology Tree shows the general progress icon left beside a Tile object in the tree as soon as the scanning runs. In addition the Tooltip of the Tile object contains the scanning status information.

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Local Communication Servers

Unless otherwise stated, Local Communication Servers support Auto Scanning for modems. The Auto Scanning will identify the reachable physical devices automatically without any user interaction.

As soon as the Auto Scanning identifies a field device, the Topology View displays the corresponding Device Tile. As HART communication is slow, the Auto Scanning pauses when a device view is opened. In such case, no further connected device is identified. The Auto Scanning continues the scanning for new devices again once all device views are closed.

The Auto Scanning removes a disconnected field device automatically from the topology. Disconnected devices cannot be removed as long as a device view is open and those devices are marked with a bad connection status icon in the Device Tile.

Remote Communication Servers

Unless otherwise stated, Remote Communication Servers require a manual scan to identify new hardware like controllers, modules and field devices. 

The Scan is supported via the Context Menu of the supporting objects, like Communication Server or Gateway Tile object.

Diagnostic Scan and Device Health Status

Field Information Manager supports an automatic Diagnostic Scan in the background to read the health status of connected field devices.

The Diagnostic Scan is enabled by default and can be configured via Tools Menu - PROJECTS - PROCESS COCKPIT.

The scan iterates over all connected field devices in an interval of 3 seconds, i.e. it takes 30 seconds to iterate over a complete example topology with 10 field devices.

A device can indicate its health status using the NAMUR NE 107 standard which covers five different status indications. It is displayed e.g. in Device Views and Dashboard.

Device Health Status

Device Management

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