Identification of On-Site Parameter Changes

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Field Information Manager supports an automatic On-Site Parameter Scan in the background to check devices for parameter changes made on-site in devices, e.g. with a handheld or local device panel.

The On-Site Parameter Scan is enabled by default and can be configured via Tools Menu - PROJECTS - PROCESS COCKPIT.

The scan iterates over all connected field devices in an interval of 30 seconds, i.e. it takes 300 seconds (= 5 minutes) to iterate over a complete example topology with 10 field devices.

The On-Site Parameter Scan can also be started manually for one or multiple devices via Device Tile Context Menu - MORE - ON-SITE PARAMETER SCAN, e.g. to prioritize the selected devices.

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On-Site Parameter Scan

The identification of on-site changes is done by accessing the latest device data:
  • For a quick identification of on-site parameter changes, the configuration change flag or counter is read for supported protocols (HART, PROFIBUS, PROFINET).
  • For identification of specific parameter changes, an offline dataset in sync with the device dataset must have existed at least once. All changes in offline and device dataset since then are tracked automatically to anticipate the latest expected device dataset.
  • Detailed differences are identified by a full comparison of current device data with the latest expected online dataset.

Change Notifications

A new notification is added in Info Center if an on-site change is identified by the tool. 

Identified parameter changes on the corresponding device are documented in Audit Trail of Device Status Dashboard. This event can be reached easily with the Audit Trail button in the corresponding notification and provides detailed information about old and new parameter values.

On-Site Parameter Scan Notification

Detection of Changes done by Plugins

Plugins can change datasets, thus a background scan is started automatically for the corresponding device after closing a plugin (UIP). This background scan identifies potential changes made by the plugin.

Identified parameter changes do not generate a notification, but they are documented in Audit Trail of Device Status Dashboard and include any signature information entered before opening the plugin.

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