Topology and Configuration View

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The Topology View and the Configuration View are two of the main functionalities when working with devices.

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Topology View

The Topology View is part of the Tools Menu.

Use the Topology View to navigate through the physical/logical network structure and to access devices. The Topology View consists of a tree navigation element to the left, and an area appearing to the right which shows the content of the selected tree object. The handling of the Topology View is very much similar to the handling of the Windows Explorer.

Device Tile in Topology View_Clean

Search Bar in Topology View

The Topology View offers a search bar to find a device quickly by its name. A list of matching names is offered if only a part of the name is entered into the search bar.

Show Device in Topology

The user can navigate from a device tile in any other view (e.g. Configurations View) to the device location in the topology. This function is available via MORE - SHOW IN TOPOLOGY within the Device Tile Context Menu.

Configuration View

The Configuration View is part of the Tools Menu.

Use the Configuration View to access to all available configurations in a flat list, like Device Dataset configurations, Offline Dataset configurations and Templates.

Configuration View

Device Management

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