Track Changes of Datasets with Baselines

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Baselines can be created to track changes in offline datasets and templates.

The persistently stored datasets can be used to is to track the datasets from the past and bring back specific parameter values or complete datasets.

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Datasets in Baselines

A baseline contains the following datasets:
  • Offline dataset of a device instance.
  • Offline datasets that are not tied to an online device instance.
  • Templates.

Create Baselines

Baselines can be created in various ways:
  • Manual baseline for one or more datasets via context menu whenever required by the user.
  • Manual baseline for the complete project via PROJECTS - TRACK CHANGES whenever required by the user.
  • Automatic baseline for the complete project after a certain time, configured by the user via PROJECTS - TRACK CHANGES.
  • Automatic baseline for one or more datasets after any change in the offline dataset, configured by the user via PROJECTS - TRACK CHANGES.

Create Baseline Dialog

A created baseline is documented as an event in Audit Trail Dashboard.

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