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Guidelines for configuration of certain device types and working with them can be found on this page. If these specific device type are used, please consider the instructions below in order to avoid problems.

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Recommendation for S800 I/O CI801/CI840/CI840A parameterization

Caution   In some cases field devices use parameters longer than 56 bytes. To communicate to such devices via CI801/CI840/CI840A, it is necessary to set the extended HART parameter in CI801/CI840/CI840A configuration editor to “true”.
If this parameter is not set to “true” and a field device uses extended HART parameters, it is recommended to set it always to “true”. Otherwise the CI801/CI840/CI840A might enter Error state.

The behavior of CI801/CI840/CI840A is described in this bulletin:
Product Bulletin - S800 I/O - CI801/CI840/CI840A enters error state due to incorrect parametrization

This problem has been fixed, please upgrade the firmware of CI801/CI840/CI840A according to the following Release Notes:
S800 I/O Fieldbus Communication Interface CI840 Software Version 4.3/6 Release Notes

Please find instructions on how to set the extended HART parameter below:

  1. In Control Builder M, enter the Editor of the CI801/CI840/CI840A
    CBM CI840 Editor
  2. Set the parameter "Extended HART" to true
    Extended HART Parameter of CI840
  3. Save the new configuration of CI801/CI840/CI840A
  4. Download the changed configuration to the I/O System
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