Freelance DCS supports Glinojeck sugar plant modernization

Reaching and exceeding assumed capacity goals up to 70% after the replacement of the existing pneumatic system

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PRO-CONTROL started cooperation with Glinojeck Sugar Plant in 1998 with modernization of diffusion, evaporators, raw juice filtration and boilers. The existing pneumatic system was replaced by the Freelance DCS substantially reducing downtime and providing easy access to all critical information.

Glinojeck sugar plant strategy

Glinojeck SA become the largest sugar factory in Poland in terms in its daily beet slice and annual production, which in year 2002 was above 100,000 tons of sugar. New production strategy tied to the need for replacement of old, treacherous control system and development of production technology for increasing capacity and production efectiveness (7,5 k to 12 k tons/day).

ABB solution

After 12 years of almost continuous modernization of the plant in Glinojeck supported by ABB Freelance systems at all facilities except turbine control. Engineers and operators were given a modern and efficient solution, which consists of:
  • 4 Engineer Stations
  • 18 Operator Stations
  • 28 Process Stations

Main facts

Industry Food & Beverage 
Customer Glinojeck Sugar Plant
Country Poland
Solution Replacement of pneumatic system by Freelance DCS
System integrator
PRO-CONTROL Sp. z o.o.

System Integrator with broad experience

Pro-Control company services various industries, among them food & beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, heavy industries, energetics, gas & oil, automotive.

PRO-CONTROL has implemented pilot water usage monitoring system for data collecting and analyzing. PGIM is a dedicated solution for production media monitoring, that is necessary in the modern production management. Pilot implementation has helped to identify important sources of cost reduction (water/steam leaks etc.)
Pilot system from ABB partner has helped to identify important sources of cost reduction (water / steam leaks etc.)


ABB Freelance system that was implemented by PROCONTROL together with huge technological enlargement has contributed to increase the reliability and clarity of sugar production, which allowed to achieve ambitious business goal. Glinojeck Sugar Plant has reached and exceed assumed capacity goals in 2005 (12,200 tons / day) – up to 70%. Of course next year assumed profitability of the production has been reached.

It was possible thanks to the substantial downtime reduction due to new control system and electrical equipment and easy access to all critical information. Reliability and possibility of rapid response and correction of process parameters. The system’s flexibility, size and investment matched with sugar plant process requirements. 

The compact and scalable Freelance system allows for phased development and system enlargement in the future. Additionally the coherence of the system allows for easy implementation of information management with PGIM. 12 years of continuous cooperation between ABB, PRO-CONTROL and the customer seems to be the best recommendation of the technical solution and business partnership.
The compact and scalable Freelance system allows for phased development and system enlargement in the future.
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