System 800xA for AnaeCo an aternative waste technology plant

ABB's 800xA supports leading waste processing bioconversion technology with remote control and monitoring of plant process data.


Bio-processing techniques and advanced waste segregation methodologies, backed by the flagship automation platform of ABB, the System 800xA.

Waste and carbon dioxide challenges constantly growing

In a move towards a more responsible management of waste, AnaeCo developed a technology and process that creates new and renewable energy derived from municipal refuse or waste. 

Policies around waste management have come to the forefront, with media, corporations and governments increasingly focusing on waste innovations in waste treatment and resource recovery. In Australia, the Commonwealth Government started an initiative to provide a national waste policy to deliver improved environmental, social and economic benefits associated with waste management. 

AnaeCo, a Perth-based waste management solutions provider, leads the charge with its DiCOM® solid waste processing bioconversion technology – an Alternative Waste Technology (AWT) that processes organic waste to produce compost and biogas. 

The DiCOM® process integrates bio-processing techniques and advanced waste segregation methodologies, backed by the flagship automation platform of ABB, the System 800xA.

Main facts

Industry Energy and utilities
Customer AnaeCo
Country Australia

Scalable and resilient control system

While reasonably mature “off-the-shelf” technologies are still most common within the waste management space, there have been successes in the establishment of facilities that combine different technologies such as AnaeCo’s DiCOM® process which uses a new, locally developed hybrid aerobic/anaerobic system in its facility. 

This two-stage commissioning stage is comprised of a waste sorting and preparation facility and three DiCOM® biological processing vessels, including associated ancillary equipment. 

System 800xA, on which the facility’s control system is based, supported this evolution path through its four-pronged Evolution Strategy that factors in solutions delivery, planning process, product development and system lifecycle programs.

In the commissioning stage, ABB supplied the complete hardware, engineering and commissioning of the control system, drives, analyzers, instruments and field devices. The control system based on System 800xA is comprised of one AC 800M controller (PM861), a hundred I/O signals (S800) and one operator workplace. Another 300 I/O channels were commissioned for Phase 2.
ABB’s state-of-the-art integrated solution permits room to grow with advances in waste technology

Drivers of innovation for decreasing costs

AnaeCo’s chairman, Professor Michael Dureau, said the company is bullish on the trend towards conversion of municipal and industrial solid waste to high-value resources. “Increases in the cost of landfilling and community pressure to avoid landfilling are the driving forces behind innovation in waste management. Technology is the means by which this is being brought about,” he said. 

Thomas Rudas, AnaeCo’s managing director, said ABB was the preferred automation provider because of its state-of-theart integrated solution. “Its solution permits room to grow with advances in technology by supporting diverse functionalities, both current and future processes.”
ABB was the preferred automation provider because of its state-of-the-art integrated solution: “Its solution permits room to grow with advances in technology."

Remote control and monitoring of plant process data

ABB’s Hafeez Abdulaziz, the project proposal engineer, (ABB Australia) concurs: “The process is fully automated using System 800xA with extensive use of Profibus communication protocol for all the drives and field devices. The plant process data is monitored and controlled remotely from the AnaeCo staging facility. Sensors monitor the conditions within each vessel and set and vary the flow of air and water, thereby regulating moisture levels, temperature, pressure, oxygen, carbon dioxide and methane, as well as odor generation and control.” 

“AnaeCo benefits from a high degree of standardization for planning and documentation and an extremely flexible system in regards to operation, maintenance and future expansion opportunities,” Rudas affirmed. 

With AnaeCo’s breakthrough technology, and ABB automation backing it up, we are well on the path to creating a world without waste.

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