Extended Operator Workplace

In use with System 800xA, the Extended Operator Workplace (EOW) enables operators by utilyzing ergonomics and designing the entire control process at their fingertips.

Characteristics of the Extended Operator Workplace

The EOW is a space-saving solution for your operator workplace, with built-in ergonomics and integrated light and sound. It features a better collaboration and does not require double floor constructions as cables can be drawn directly from the ceiling or walls. Changes in the EOW setup can be undertaken very flexibly.

The EOW integrates seamlessly in your control room design. ABB offers several EOW alternatives and sizes.


Our EOW offering

EOW-x & EOW-f

Personalize your control room equipment with the EOW

An intelligent operational workflow requires very specific tools. The EOW can be enhanced with various applications and extensions such as advanced process graphics or live video integration.

Examples: The EOW in use

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