Cisco IE 4000 managed switches certified for use with ABB 800xA

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* Ruggedized Switches Built for Rugged Industrial Environments

Industrial environments can be tough on any equipment, but especially on networking hardware. Your typical IT equipment was never designed to withstand the poundings, dirt, and grime found in most industrial environments. Plus, these pieces of equipment require significant reconfiguring to serve the computing and technology needs of industrial manufacturers and utilities.

The Cisco® Industrial Ethernet (IE) 4000 Series Switches are today’s most flexible and scalable industrial Ethernet switches that will grow with your network. They were developed specifically to withstand rugged industrial environments, while powering solutions designed to meet industrial customers’ needs.

The ruggedized Cisco IE 4000 Series forms the foundation of a wide array of technology solutions for industrial manufacturers and processes, such as:

  • Factory automation
  • Energy and process control
  • Intelligent transportation systems
  • Substation automation
  • Mining operations
  • Oil and gas refining and delivery systems
  • Surveillance and remote-monitoring functions


How It Works

The Cisco IE 4000 Series complements other Cisco IE product families, delivering greater performance, increased bandwidth, richer feature sets, and advanced hardware options.

The switches can be set up and operated easily by your internal IT and operations staff, helping you automate industrial processes much more quickly. The embedded Cisco IOS® Software also allows you to quickly integrate new switches and connect all your industrial endpoints for greater visibility, control, access and can automatically detect new endpoints whenever they’re brought online. Plus, with the built-in Cisco SmartPorts technology, your staff can assign the correct Quality-of-Service (QoS) functions for a desired connection quickly and easily.

An embedded web-based Device Manager provides real-time visibility of your switch configuration and performance. The color-coded displays and animated indicators of the application help simplify management and monitoring tasks. It also has alert functions that help you identify and solve networking problems when they arise.

*Product description according to vendor
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