Dell Networking X1000-Series managed switch certified for use with ABB 800xA

* Dell Networking X1000-Series

IIT Certified Dell Networking X1000-Series includes:

  Dell Networking X1008/X1008P
  Dell Networking X1018/X1018P
  Dell Networking X1026/X1026P
  Dell Networking X1052/X1052P

1/10GbE switches with an intuitive GUI designed to optimize cloud and onsite network applications

The Dell Networking X1000-Series is a family of smart managed 1GbE and 10GbE Ethernet switches designed for small and medium businesses who crave enterprise-class network control fused with consumer-like ease. X1000-Series switches have a variety of port counts, PoE options and deployment choices. Setup and management are greatly simplified with an intuitive GUI and hardware design. A broad set of models means deploying capacity on your terms, including the compact 8-port unit designed for desk, wall or ceiling mounting with a smart design.

Practical innovations for small networks
Powerful tools inside an elegant interface with app-like functionality make X1000-Series switches a pleasure to use. Familiar commands and alerts similar to PCs and servers means there is less jargon to learn and more knowledge to gain. Connect, auto-configure, and power VoIP phones and wireless access points with PoE options.

Sleek navigation with efficient and instinctual work flow

The design of everything from navigation and clicks to menu structures and help tips was inspired by the way IT pros think and work. Streamlined tools, step-by-step wizards and a concise, informative  dashboard make switch configuration and calibration fast and accurate. Common tasks, alerts, port status and network visualization are on one beautiful dashboard screen.

Unmatched traffic visibility and real-time control

Optimize cloud services and onsite network applications with security and traffic priority features. See network traffic and move from monitoring to resolving in one continuous sequence. Unique multi-port selection for batch routines plus port profiles for common devices eliminate extra steps and configuration errors.

*Product description according to vendor

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