E-fect Operator Station certified for use with ABB 800xA DCS

*The E-FECT Operator Station is a computer developed with the challenging environment of a control room in mind. It is small, compact and can be mounted horizontally or vertically under a desk or to a wall.

The computer is completely silent as it has no moving parts such as fans or spinning hard drives. During normal operating conditions it has a power consumption of approximately 40 watts, highly efficient, and as a result does not become hot.

The E-FECT Operator Station has dual network connections as standard, required by most industrial systems including the ABB 800xA. The machine has an Intel i5 processor and video card allowing connection of up to 4 monitors.

The E-FECT has been certified by ABB for use in their 800xA platform.

As there are no moving parts this computer has an extended life expectancy and all components have been selected and sourced to meet the requirements and quality of industrial environment.

Available options/upgrades: i7 processor, dual power supplies with a voting unit for redundant power supply and video card for a total of 8 monitors.
The E-FECT is CE certified and comes with a two year limited warranty.

The developers of this product all have extensive experience and knowledge of the processing industry and have vast experience in complex hardware design and computer construction.

E-FECT is focused on creating computers which are customized for the industrial industry’s exciting, as well as demanding, applications.

*Product description according to vendor

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