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Advant Station 100 Series Engineering Station for Advant Master DCS

Support and migration for Advant Station 100 Engineering Station for Advant Master DCS, durable engineering PC with pre-installed Control Builder A.

The Advant Station 100 Series Engineering Stations are ideal for fieldwork, including off-line engineering, on-line programming, maintenance and fault tracing. The Engineering Station is ready-to-use, that is, Control Builder A is already installed.

Available in two different variants:

  • Advant Station 140 Engineering Station for configuration of Advant Controller 400 Series and Advant Controller 100 Series
  • Advant Station 140 Engineering Station Select for configuration of Advant Controller 100 Series

Benefits and Features

In addition to the benefits and features of Control Builder A, AS 100 ES are heavy duty and can handle the rough treatment in the field. In a less hostile environment a PC together with any of the Advant Station 100 Series Engineering Boards can be used. 

Advant Station 100 ES is a complete enginering station, hardware together with enginnering software. 

Although the Advant Station 100 Series is no longer sold or supported, the same functionality can be achieved with the successor Control Builder A.

Control Builder A is a software product for notebooks and workstations or for installation in combination with System 800xA. 

Please note that a PU410 RTA unit is required for Advant Master AC400 and MP200 programming via serial or MasterBus 300 connection..

Advant Station 100 Series life cycle status
Advant Station 100 moved into the Classic life cycle phase in 2011, to Limited in 2014 finally into the Obsolete life cycle phase in 2016.
ABB strongly recommends customers to evolve Advant Station 100 Series to Control Builder A which has support for all functions.

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