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The System Update Service is an Advanced Digital Service meant to ensure that Microsoft and other Windows based 3rd party software security patches and McAfee & Symantec definition files are made available to download to the target control system(s) right after validation by ABB.

This service is a secure, fast and ABB approved way of security updates delivery and imple-mentation in comparison to the standard internet connection to a Microsoft server or to servers of the various virus scanners providers. The System Update Service is a scheduled and highly automated process which does not need much manual intervention for a full and secure implementation. The dedicated ABB server for Windows® Security Update Server (WSUS), ePolicy Orchestrator® (McAfee ePO™) for McAfee virus definition files and Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager for Symantec virus definition files is automatically linked to the ABB security validation reports and updates service.

The downstream security server at the customer site synchronizes with the ABB server using the ABB secure RAP (Remote Access Platform) connection, totally avoiding an open internet connection.

The System Update Service requires a valid Automation Sentinel agreement for the target control systems and is now available for the System 800xA, Symphony Plus and Freelance control system product families at selected software versions.

The System Update Service is offered based on an annual subscription fee which is deter-mined by the system sizing (concurrent users) of covered control systems nodes in a given system (SID) at a customer site.

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