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System Health Check ensures optimal system performance

System performance evaluation to identify underperforming areas, providing corrective and preventive recommendations to enhance and improve system performance and efficiency

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System Health Check is a detailed and comprehensive inspection and status evaluation of an 800xA or a Freelance control system. It is a key service for maintaining high system availability and avoiding disruptions and interruptions in production.


  • Increases control system performance, availability and reliability
  • Minimizes risk of system upsets
  • Lowers maintenance cost
  • Improves system maintainability
  • Reduces risk of component failures


  • System performance evaluation
  • Visualization and analysis of Key Performance Indicators
  • Detailed improvement plan 
  • Access to ABB 800xA and Freelance system experts

Once the evaluation has been completed, a detailed report, including findings, improvement recommendations, and areas found to need further analysis is provided. Our standardized rules for report generation guarantee an easy-to-read report. On one hand this report is addressed to top level
management. It presents the key findings in an executive summary, with a result overview in traffic-light style. It provides general impact and ROI discussions and recommends actions, if required.

On the other hand the report addresses the technical specialists. It explains all findings, and provides the severity, possible impacts, detailed recommendations and document references for each of

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