Dell Precision R5500 certified for use with ABB 800xA DCS

*Dell Precision R5500 offers true workstation-class components, giving you the tireless performance you need to get the job done.
Technology features include:
  • Powerful Intel® Xeon® processor options with up to six cores to help boost your work output
  • Genuine Windows® 7 Professional.
  • Top-level performance with optional dual graphics cards or dual GPGPU cards and up to 450 W of available graphics power
  • Superb flexibility with options for up to five standard, full-length, full-height PCIe x16 cards
  • Up to 192GB1 of system memory, enabling high productivity on even the largest data sets
  • Up to five SATA drives and up to six SAS drives to provide ample storage capacity for your large projects
  • ISV (independent software vendor) certification on the applications that matter most to you, helping to ensure that you can deliver mission-critical projects without delay
  • Optional dual redundant power supplies to help keep you up and running

Work powerfully from virtually anywhere
The Dell FX100 Remote Access Device is designed to give your workforce seamless remote access to the Dell Precision R5500 rack workstation. Using PC-over-IP® hardware-based compression technology, from Teradici™, this compact, quiet device can deliver the responsiveness of a traditional desktop workstation solution, but can be accessed from almost anywhere.
  • PC-over-IP hardware-based compression transfers only the rendered graphics pixel data over the network, ensuring a fast and responsive user experience.
  • A dedicated half-height PCIe slot for a PC-over-IP remote host card enables you to save precious PCIe slots for other needs.
  • Coming soon quad monitor support via dual FX100 devices allows you to vastly expand your visual real estate (quad monitor support only available on select configurations).
  • For situations when you need access via a soft client, the Dell Precision R5500 also offers VMware® View™ support.

*Product description according to vendor
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