Dell Precision R7610 certified for use with ABB 800xA DCS

*Peak performance and increased security
Add a Dell Precision R7610 rack workstation to your data center for exceptional performance and security. The Dell Precision R7610 keeps your valuable data in your data center at all times and allows secure access only through soft- or zero-client devices. This rack workstation solution also reduces the potential liability of lost or damaged physical assets in the field.

•Take on the toughest jobs with up to two 8-core Intel® Xeon® E5-2600-series processors.
•Available with Windows 7 Professional or Windows 8 Pro.
•Increase client-level security with stateless, decode-only client devices.
•Maintain peak performance with the Dell Precision Performance Optimizer. It’s the world’s first automated workstation performance tool that provides automatic performance optimization, system maintenance, tracking and reporting.
•Achieve amazing graphics performance with GPU pass-through in virtualized environments via 3 PCIe x16 Gen 3 225W double-wide slots supporting up to ultra-high-end workstation-class NVIDIA® Quadro, AMD FirePro™ or NVIDIA Tesla GPGPU cards.
•Multitask with up to 512GB of RAM in 16DIMM slots.

Flexible deployment for 1:1 or virtualized environments
You’ll discover a great deal of deployment flexibility in the rack-based Dell Precision R7610.

For maximum performance, deploy it as a one-to-one workstation solution using the optional Wyse P25 zero client device. This solution uses Teradici Tera 2 hardware-based compression and the PCoIP protocol for remote connectivity providing a superb, responsive workstation experience.

For virtualized Citrix environments, you can extend your productivity and security benefits to multiple users by deploying this workstation as a one-to-three or one-to-four GPU pass-through solution.

Later this year, you can expect even greater scalability and ROI with one-to-many virtualized deployment capability.

Why a rack? Because your work demands it.

When the job calls for more security and flexibility than a standard tower or mobile workstation can provide, the Dell™ Precision™ R7610 rack workstation delivers.

•For organizations where security is top priority, you need more than a lock and key. The Dell Precision R7610 can help safely house your intellectual property by keeping it contained in the data center.
•Does your work involve inhospitable, hazardous or remote environments? The Dell Precision R7610 can provide workstation-class performance remotely while your employees stay productive and comfortable at their own workspaces using the optional Dell Wyse P25 zero client.
•For end users who work in space-constrained areas or temperature- or noise-sensitive environments, the Wyse P25 is small, cool and quiet.
•Boost productivity and help improve ROI among offsite contractors, rotating workforces and geographically diverse employees with 1:1 remote access via the Wyse P25 zero client and Teradici Tera 2 host card.

*Product description according to vendor
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