e-FECT 250 Operator Station certified for use with ABB 800xA DCS


*The e-FECT Operator Station is a computer developed with the challenging environment of a control room in mind. Its small size makes it possible to mount directly under a desk or to a wall, which removes the need of extenders and spacious cooling rooms. All components have been selected and sourced to meet the requirements of qualitative industrial performance. In all, the computer makes the daily work in the control room smoother.

The computer is completely silent as it has no moving parts such as fans or spinning hard drives. During normal operating conditions it has a highly efficient power consumption of approximately only 40 watts and as a result does not become hot. This also improves the computer’s durability.

The e-FECT Operator Station has dual network connections as standard, required by most industrial systems including the ABB 800xA. The machine has an Intel i5 processor but is also available with an Intel i7 processor if requested for. The e-FECT 250 can connect two screens and e-FECT 450 has a graphic card with the possibility of connecting up to four screens.

The e-FECT is CE certified and is delivered with a two year warranty.

FECT is focused on creating computers customized for the industrial industry’s demanding applications. The developers of this product have extensive experience and knowledge of the process industry and have vast experience in complex hardware design and computer construction.

*Product description according to vendor

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