HP ws460c G6 workstation certified for use with ABB 800xA DCS

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The HP ProLiant Blade Workstation solution is a next-generation workstation infrastructure that provides data center workstation computing without boundaries – combining the centralized, mission-critical control and security of the data center with a seamless, workstation-class experience and the flexibility to support professionals in multiple work locations. It is the only solution of its kind, an innovative new offering that is more than five years in the making and testing – built with HP ProLiant quality and trading floor-proven reliability.


Workstation-Class Experience

• Experience a full-fidelity virtual desktop experience including support for 3D applications with Microsoft RemoteFX
• Blade form factor significantly reduces noise, heat, power usage and system clutter in the data center
• Move, add and change blade computing power to react quickly and make dynamic changes
• Achieve higher levels of server consolidation and linear scalability with Dynamic Memory in Microsoft Server 2008 R2 SP1

Data Center Security and Control

• Centralize data and computing power in the data center to keep your workstation environment safe and secure
• Data center class redundancy and fault tolerance keep your computing resources up and running
• Consolidate IT management to one location in order to improve efficiency and reduce the time it takes to troubleshoot and perform maintenance tasks

Multi-Location Flexibility

• Easily access blade workstation resources from client devices and Windows-based workstations, PC's and notebooks
• Connect to the network from any location to solve business, financial and engineering problems smoothly and quickly
• Collaborate and manipulate media-rich graphics and 3-dimensional graphic models in real time without distance boundaries

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