Phoenix Contact mGuard centerport certified for use with ABB 800xA DCS

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High-End Firewall & VPN Gateway for Industrial Networks.
Innominate mGuard centerport is a high-end firewall and VPN gateway in 19-inch rack-mount format, ideally positioned as central network infrastructure for remote services solutions and as such an alternative to mGuard bladepack. The device features Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and corresponding router and Stateful Inspection Firewall throughput, making it suitable for use in backbone production networks.
As a gateway for Virtual Private Networks, it supports VPN connections for an arbitrary number of systems in VPN tunnel groups with up to 1 000 concurrently active tunnels, all terminating at a single public IP address. Without a need for multiple IPs or load balancing, it thereby delivers more than 300 MBit/s of encrypted VPN data throughput for secured remote services such as remote assistance, diagnosis, maintenance, and condition monitoring of large amounts of machinery and plant equipment over the Internet.

mGuard centerport comes with full-featured mGuard firmware (version 7.0.0 or newer) running on a multicore x86 processor architecture. And of course, it is fully compatible with all mGuard VPN field devices and Innominate Device Manager.

At a glance
  • High-End Firewall and VPN Gateway in 19-inch rack-mount format
  • Ideally positioned as central network infrastructure for remote services solutions
  • VPN connections with up to 1,000 concurrently active tunnels
  • Multicore x86 processor architecture
  • Fully compatible with all mGuard appliances and the mGuard device manager

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