Westermo RedFox RFI-XX certified for use with ABB 800xA DCS

Westermo*The RedFox is a high performance industrial Ethernet switch with enhanced routing functionality, in a single robust unit. A single RedFox Ethernet Switch allows you to build cost effective, secure and reliable networks that would previously have required several different units. The feature-rich firmware and highly specified hardware provide flexibility and enhanced performance when building complex networks.

For mission critical applications our unique FRNT technology is the fastest protocol on the market for re-configuring large networks in the event of link or hardware failure. Gbit support on ring as well as drop ports along with bandwidth control techniques like VLANs and IGMP snooping allow RedFox to be optimised to perform with even the most bandwidth hungry applications such as video.

Advanced routing functions and firewall settings allow the RedFox switches to segregate networks and ensure that mission critical industrial networks are protected. The RedFox is also able to provide secure remote access to these networks across insecure connections by acting as a VPN endpoint. 

*Product description according to vendor 

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