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Dell PowerEdge 2600 certified for use with ABB 800xA DCS

Featuring up to two 3.06GHz Intel® Xeon™ processors with 512K cache, the PowerEdge 2600 server is designed to deliver unprecedented levels of performance in its product class. The Intel Xeon processor incorporates revolutionary advancements in dual processor server technology, such as hyper-threading, that allow multiple tasks to run simultaneously.

Additionally, the Intel E7501 chipset improves performance with NetBurst micro-architecture, which provides a 533MHz system bus for multithreaded applications or multitasking environments. The chipset also offers two-way memory interleaving enabling memory to be added in identical pairs.

Another high performance feature of the PowerEdge 2600 server is PC2100 DDR SDRAM memory with a maximum bandwidth of 3.2GB/s. The server also features the next generation I/O PCI-X that provides high bandwidth, low latency and dedicated hardware interfaces between internal chips and peripheral cards. Plus, the PowerEdge 2600 server includes an embedded Gigabit Ethernet NIC.

The PowerEdge 2600 server is designed to provide you with the flexibility necessary to keep up with changing demands. It is scalable to 6GB2 of PC2100 DDR SDRAM so you can increase your server memory when you need more robust performance. And with seven I/O slots and up to eight hot-pluggable hard drives, you have room for additional functionality and future expansion. What’s more, the PowerEdge 2600 server not only has the potential for up to 1.168TB of internal hard disk storage, but also has the capacity to interface with Dell’s PowerVault™ External SCSI storage and Dell/EMC® Fibre Channel storage. It enables you to deploy a server to support a wide range of workloads from data centers to small workgroups.

Many high availability features help minimize server downtime. The PowerEdge 2600 server includes an Active ID Bezel indicator easily letting you know the overall health of the system. Also, it features hot-plug hard drives, power supplies and redundant cooling fans for increased availability. And the PowerEdge 2600 makes protecting data through RAID easy and affordable by providing an optional high performance embedded PERC4/Di RAID subsystem that includes 128MB of battery backup cache for further vailability. Plus, the server can be clustered to achieve higher availability and performance.

The PowerEdge 2600 server includes unique design features making it easy to deploy, service and manage remotely and helping to lower your total cost of ownership. Its tool-less chassis enables you to quickly and simply reach components for easy maintenance. Furthermore, the optional Embedded Remote Access port allows you to manage the server from a different location. And the Dell OpenManage™ suite of software enhances manageability to save you time and money. Combining performance, availability and configuration flexibility, the PowerEdge 2600 server is an ideal solution for small-to-medium businesses and remote sites that require robust internal storage, PCI expandability and high availability features.

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