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Whitelisting SE46 software certified for use with ABB 800xA DCS

In the 800xA pricelist there are two items to be bought. For each client in the system one “Whitelisting SE46” should be bought. It includes the protection of both the clients and the servers.
In addition to that each site or customer needs one “Whitelisting SE46 Studio” which is the configuration console in which you create and maintain your whitelists. It comes with customer/site specific keys for signing whitelists.

On this page you can find the SE46 User Guide and additional information as well as general fingerprints. Application certificates are provided in zip format which can be used with 800xA 6.0.3 and onward.
In addition to that you will find fingerprints and application certificates per specific 800xA 6 release at the pages below. All these could be combined with the fingerprints and application certificates for your certified hardware to ease your work setting up the whitelist.
Note however that these parts will not make up a complete working whitelist. Software changes from vendors and the lacking ability to read all types of installation media makes this impossible.
Please refer to the user guide on how to combine inventories to make up your own site specific whitelist.

Please note that we for 800xA only are able to provide fingerprints and application certificates for 6.0 and onward. This is due to the fact that we out of security reasons had our own address space layout randomization, ASLR, in 800xA 5.0 and 800xA 5.1 which randomly changed our executables at installation time. From a whitelisting perspective this means that the very same executable will get a unique fingerprint every time installed.

Each new certification of a laptop, server or workstation will generate a fingerprint file (FPF) and an application certificate (AppCert). These files will be available for download on the corresponding web page for the device.  
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