Phoenix Contact FL SF 8TX certified for use with ABB System 800xA DCS

Phoenix Contact logo*Description
The FL SWITCH SF ... range of Factory Line switches with standard functions in numerous versions can be used for quick and cost-effective Ethernet network expansion. The switches have 8 or 16 ports, up to two of which are multimode glass fiber ports provided in the SC or ST format. The twisted pair ports of the switches support both Ethernet with a transmission speed of 10 Mbps and Fast Ethernet with a transmission speed of 100 Mbps. The glass fiber ports only support 100 Mbps. The switches regenerate received data telegrams and send them to the port to which the device is connected with the corresponding target address.

Features and Fields of Application
– Increased network performance by filtering the data traffic.
- Local data traffic remains local.
- The data volume in the network segments is reduced.
– Easy network expansion without configuration of the switch.
– Coupling copper network segments with different bit rates.
- Automatic detection of the data transmission speed of 10 or 100 Mbps.
– Auto negotiation: Each copper port establishes a half or full duplex connection with 10 or 100 Mbps.
– Auto crossing: It is not necessary to make a distinction between 1:1 or crossover Ethernet copper cables.
– Electrical isolation of network segments using up to two fiber optic ports.
– Increasing the maximum cable length to 10,000 m (62.5/125 μm) or to 6400 m (50/125 μm) using a fiber optic port.
– Floating alarm output: The alarm output can be used to monitor the redundant voltage supply.

 *Product description according to vendor 
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