Westermo Wolverine DDW-226 ethernet extender certified for use with ABB 800xA DCS


*The Wolverine series of Ethernet extenders, allow cost effective Ethernet networks to be created over long distances at high data rates. The SHDSL technology employed makes it possible to reuse many types of pre-existing but redundant cabling, which could lead to great financial savings. Data rates of up to 15.3 Mbit/s have been achieved over shorter distances and at lower data rates over 15 km have been achieved on cables nearly 100 years old. The DDW-226 uses the Westermo WeOS operating system and does also have a RS-232 interface and serial to IP conversion. This allows you to integrate any serial device to your IP network. A further enhancement that the DDW-226 provides is a set of advanced diagnostic functions that allow the SHDSL line to be dynamically monitored allowing alarms to be configured to pre-warn of any performance issues. This monitoring data can be accessed in a number of ways; it can be read at any time.

  • Up to 15.3 Mbit/s over old cables
  • Made Easy and secure configuration – Web config and CLI
  • Future-proof feature rich software platform – WeOS
  • Exstensive routing support – OSPF, RIP, VRRP, Firewall
  • IPsec VPN, SNMPv3, VLAN, IGMPv2/v3
  • Secure solutions with redundant ring support
  • Serial interface for legacy device support
  • Interoperability with Redfox and Lynx+ series
  • True industrial specification

*Product description according to vendor

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