Advant Controller 460 for Advant MOD 300 DCS

ABB Advant Controller 460, a proven, high-end, high performance process controller for Advant MOD 300 DCS.

Advant Controller 460 is the perfect choice when you want to expand your process while limiting engineering costs and ensuring high production efficiency. It is the obvious evolution path from SC controller, to extend your plants life cycle. Its high processing capacity and wide-ranging capabili­ties fits for demanding applications and can be fully integrated with System 800xA.

With AC 460 you will have a proven equipment with high function­ality, interoperability and performance. It supports a wide range of communication protocols such as; MODBUS, Profibus, Advant Fieldbus 100 etc. making it easy to design an optimal control system architecture for every application.

To achieve the highest possible availability, AC 460 can be equipped with redundancy for communication, power supplies, CPUs and I/O boards. It supports the modular S800 I/O system, including field devices supporting HART data, and up to five S100 I/O racks. The S100 I/O racks can be distributed via redundant fiber networks. Support of TRIO I/O

Maximize your productivity and be prepared for easy integration of proven technology. AC 460 meets users‘ requirement of maximum plant availability.

The following benefits are derived from applying AC460 technology to your process plant:

  • Faster Processor
  • More Memory
  • 1:1 Redundancy
  • 3 sets of Redundant CPU´s
  • Supports existing I/O and termination infrastructure.
  • Supports existing applications written in CCF, TCL, and TLL software allowing for implementation of powerful control strategies.
  • Wide selection of interface options to I/O and third party hardware (e.g. Profibus).
  • Redundancy on all levels of communications, processing, and I/O. Reliable with simple fault diagnosis procedures

Advant Controller 460 life cycle status
The Advant Controller 460 hardware is in the Active life cycle and is planned to stay as such until minimum 2017, with guaranteed parts support until minimum 2030.

Migration from Advant Controller 460 to AC 800M is supported by communication modules for S100 I/O, Modbus and OPC server.


Hardware Options

The Advant Controller 460 consists of a CPU sub-rack with six positions for redundant CPU modules, sub-module carriers for communication sub-modules as well as a part with regulatory and backup power. The S100 I/O is located in subsequent I/O sub-racks, which can be placed in cabinets adjacent to the CPU cabinet or in a remote location separated by optical fiber.

The Advant Controller 460 covers a wide range of functions such as:

  • Regulatory control including advanced PID and self-tuning adaptive control.
  • Logic and sequence control.
  • Data and text handling, arithmetic, and positioning.
  • Self-configuration capabilities which make it possible to add hardware while the controller is in full operation
  • Full on-line configuration capabilities while the application is running.
  • Support for a wide range of central and distributed I/O modules for maximum configuration possibilities, with a maximum I/O capacity of 5700 I/O points.
  • Support for local and central operator interface for manual control operations, event and alarm handling, trend curve presentation etc.
  • Interoperability concerning all communication levels from plant floor fieldbuses to high-speed plant network.
  • Support for Profibus, ABB’s redundant Advant Fieldbus 100, Modbus RTU and Modbus Plus
Backup of system and application RAM with separate power supply, local battery or station battery as well as back-up of application on Engineering Station. Full automatic restart from application dump.
Hardware options
Redundant CPU board, PM510 Up to 6
Submodule Carriers, SC510/SC540 Up to 8
Communication submodules Up to 16
– V.24/RS232 interface, CI531, 2 ch. Up to 4
– DCN interface, CS515 Up to 2
– eDCN interface, C513
Up to 2
– S100 interface, CI540 Up to 12
– Advant Fieldbus 100 interface, CI522A 2 Up to 8
– Profibus DP interface, CI541V1 Up to 8
– Serial interface, CI532V02 and CI534V02, 2ch Up to 5
– Modbus Plus CI532 Up to 12
– Trio interface CI56 Up to 12
Voltage regulator, SR511 Up to 2
Battery charger, SB510 Up to 2
– RM500V1, IP21, IP41 or IP54: WxDxH 800x512x2125 mm
– RE200 Rital Cabinet, IP21, IP41 or IP54: WxDxH 800x800x2000 mm

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