SC 6200 controllers for Advant MOD 300 DCS

Modernization and support for ABB SC 6200, the second generation controller from the 80's for MOD 300 DCS, predecessor to Advant MOD 300

Introduced in 1988, the controller supports up to 12 controller modules in a single controller subsystem. The controlller module performs the primary functions of data acquisition and control, including I/O processing, continuous control, interlocks. sequential control and communications.

For applications requiring controller redundancy two options are available. Subsystem redundancy, referred to as 11 to 1, where one controller can back up a single subsystem or card file redundancy, 3 to 1, where one controller backs up a single card file of the three possible card files in a subsystem. Besides upgraded hardware the SC controller also provided Taylor Remote I/O (TRIO) as an I/O option to the existing direct I/O available in the Model B controllers. Control processing was also augmented with the addition of Taylor Ladder Logic (TLL).

Local I/O for SC controllers consists of a separate termination board with 16 analog inputs, 8 analog outputs and up to 48 digital ins or outs, channel selectable. The I/O is made redundant through a switched backplane bus to another I/O board associated with the backup controller.

The Model B controller was a packaged assembly consisting of the controller board and the I/O board. It contains the same 16 analog inputs, 8 analog outputs and up to 48 digital ins or outs, channel selectable as the SC controller I/O board. Redundancy is through a switched backplane bus to backup controller I/O board assembly. Both the Model B and the SC controller share the same field termination boards.

SC controller Life Cycle status

SC controller I/O is now in its Obsolete life cycle phase. Refurbished hardware is available from ABB Service. Software is being continually upgraded to ABB’s latest offering for the MOD 300 allowing SC controller owners to move to ABB’s latest technology while maintaining their existing controller subsystems. An Evolution program is available to migrate the SC controller to Advant Controller with either TRIO I/O or S800 I/O.


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