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The industrialized data center - INFOGRAPHIC

How will data center managers most effectively balance cost vs. availability, speed and risk?

The new infographic analyses the latest trends in data center infrastructure management (DCIM):

  • Performance improvements: achieving more with less
  • A movement toward bigger data centers and cloud
  • Evolution from managed chaos and basic visibility to integrated controls and dynamic data centers

The answer: the industrialized data center - automated, hyperscale, secure

ABB Ability Data Center Automation provides intelligent, flexible, adaptable and ultimately autonomous control of the entire data center or fleet of data centers.

Data center automation means all physical and virtual infrastructure managed as a single system. ABB Data Center Automation solution merges industrial monitoring and control systems, facility operations, IT and connectivity to enable a fully automated data center.

By using industrial-grade monitoring, control technologies, business intelligence (BI), and full facility and IT systems integration, DCIM enables:

  • Resource forecasting & energy planning
  • Capacity planning & management
  • Troubleshooting & root cause analysis
  • System availability & performance
  • Facility & IT automation

Click on the image to view the full infographic or download the PDF version.

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