While prevention is important to minimize the incidents of misconduct, we nonetheless need a robust system in place to detect ongoing misconduct.

ABB’s internal audit team carries out anti-bribery compliance reviews of business units and countries globally, and conducts an annual risk assessment as the basis for its audit planning for the following year.

In these reviews, ABB’s internal auditors review business processes, accounts and balances, and test transactions to assess the robustness of controls and identify possible violations of ABB’s anti-bribery procedures.

Our detection efforts are supported by the availability of multiple reporting channels, including line managers, Human Resources, representatives of the Legal and Integrity function, the Chief Integrity Officer, the Integrity Office at headquarters, the Business Ethics Hotline, or the local ombudsperson. ABB employees are encouraged to use one of the reporting channels whenever they suspect misconduct and whistleblowers are promised protection from any retaliation.

The multiple reporting channels are advertised through a hotline poster campaign, this year created using integrity dilemma cartoons, and rolled out worldwide in multiple languages. A stakeholder hotline is available to our external business partners, with details of our reporting channels available on our Integrity portal website.
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