ABB’s integrity program is based on a clear set of values and unequivocal tone from the top.

Commitment to these values is fostered by strong communication from top leadership throughout the organization – not only to our employees but also to our business partners.  

Our clear position on issues such as improper payments, gifts, entertainment, and expenses, and managing third parties is visible and clear to external parties and sets the right tone from the outset of any negotiation.

Our values and expectations are expressed in a publicly available Code of Conduct and a Supplier Code of Conduct, as well as policies and standards. Training and communications are key to ensuring ABB’s values are received and understood, and this requires constant innovation and follow up.

Policies cannot be effective without a commitment from employees to embed rules and standards into every aspect of their work. This can only be achieved through strong messaging that is engaging and practical. Upon joining the company, every ABB employee must complete two online eLearning programs and one face-to-face training on the ABB Code of Conduct including anti-bribery.

In addition, employees in sensitive roles receive specialized online and face-to-face trainings for specific risk areas, for example antitrust. In 2014, over 94,000 employees (nearly 93 percent of all employees with an e-mail address) completed the Global Anti-bribery: Don’t Look the Other Way online training. These messages are then supplemented on at least a bi-annual basis through new e-learning modules, face-to-face training initiatives, and other integrity initiatives such as “Integrity on the LBU (Local Business Unit) Agenda,” and integrity modules in inhouse learning and development programs. 

Our training efforts are refined over time, according to feedback on risks identified globally and locally. In 2013, we conducted an in-depth Integrity Culture and Risk Survey to understand the success of the integrity program. With responses from over 24,000 participants globally, we have been able to adapt and target the training to specific risk areas identified for ABB employees.

Throughout 2014, Country Integrity Officers provided local specialized training and communications on risk-based subjects identified in the survey, including but not limited to respect in the workplace, working with third parties, and self-enrichment / misuse of company resources. 

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