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Part-time master's studies

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University or work? At ABB you can decide for both!

At ABB, you have the opportunity to pursue your master's degree while working on challenging business projects and putting your knowledge into practice.

We assess the opportunities to support you in that on a case-by-case basis depending on the company requirements and possibilities, which may include adapting your work schedule, paying for the costs of your training or other support measures. 

We are already cooperating with multiple universities such as the Steinbeis University Berlin, where you can earn your master's degree in business. If you want to apply for this program, go to our job search and enter the keywords „Steinbeis“ or „SIBE“ in order to see a list of open positions.

At the same time, we know that there is a wide range of study programs and specialties to chose from – and that you know best which one will support you the most in your professional career. Therefore, we would like to give you the opportunity to do your master's at a different university. Simply apply for any open position and tell us about your ideas and preferences, either in your cover letter or your job interview.

By the way: Only because we give you the option to join us doing your master's degree does not mean that there will be no opportunity for learning and development later on – far from it! We support continuos development throughout your career and we are happy to welcome any bachelor graduates eager to start their professiol lifes right away. Find out more about on- and off-the-job training on our career development and learning pages. For example ABB Germany has a cooperation agreement with the Mannheim Business School.

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