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Peak shaving

Peak shaving is similar to load leveling, but may be for the purpose of reducing peak demand rather than for economy of operation.

The goal is to avoid the installation of capacity to supply the peaks of a highly variable load. Energy storage provides fast response and emission-free operation, making it the optimal solution for this application. Peak shaving installations are often owned by the electricity consumer, rather than by the utility.

Benefits include:

  • Commercial and industrial customers save on their electricity bills by reducing peak demand
  • Utilities reduce the operational cost of generating power during peak periods (reducing the need for peaking units)
  • Investment in infrastructure is delayed due to the flatter loads with smaller peaks

ABB offers turnkey energy storage systems for power requirements ranging from hundreds of kilowatts to tens of megawatts, and including medium- or high-voltage grid connection. By choosing ABB as a turnkey system provider, the customer gains a reliable partner for the overall system. Our project team acts as a single point of responsibility, thus minimizing project risk and complexity.

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