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Microgrid Solutions for Industrial and Commercial applications

Reliable access to stable, cost-efficient and sustainable energy anytime, anywhere

Industries and commercial sites are increasingly established in remote locations across the world, making it harder to connect to the grid, especially in countries with limited power generation capabilities. Reliable and affordable electricity supply is a critical element for industrial operations and economic growth. Frequent electricity cuts as well as below standard electricity supply means industries rely on expensive diesel power solutions which increase their costs of access to electricity and impacts their ability to be self-sustaining and competitive globally. The additional pressure to adopt a sustainable development model makes self-production the only viable option.

ABB offers reliable, modular, containerized “plug and play” microgrid solution for industries such as mining, cement, agriculture and commercial sites such as industrial parks and shopping complexes. It is easily configurable to adapt to your unique needs. ABB's unique microgrid solutions ensure the highest possible renewable energy penetration into existing or isolated grids, reducing CO2 emissions as well as dependency on fossil fuel supplies that are not only costly, but also uncertain.

Key benefits:
  • Ensure reliable, stable and affordable power availability, wherever and whenever it is required
  • Distributed architecture enhances reliability and scalability for future system expansions
  • Achieving a secure and sustainable energy mix, together with energy efficiency and other low carbon options
  • Fulfill health, safety and environmental appropriateness
  • Maximizes fuel savings through the highest possible renewable integration
  • High power quality by stabilizing the power systems against fluctuations in voltage and control
  • Easy transportation, fast and safe installation and commissioning on-site
  • Efficiently manage, monitor and analyze your assets by cloud-based remote service

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Case study
ABB Johannesburg microgrid: Reliable and affordable power that enables substantial energy savings for an industrial site


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