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ABB Ability™ e-mesh PowerStore™

Reliable, sustainable and affordable power anywhere, anytime

Microgrid and energy storage solution for grid-connected and off-grid systems

ABB AbilityTM e-meshTM PowerStoreTM  is a scalable microgrids and energy storage solution that is designed to ensure reliable power availability, grid stability, highest possible penetration of renewable energy together with an intelligent control system for both grid-connected and off-grid systems.

The ABB AbilityTM e-meshTM platform allows the PowerStoreTM  to connect with various power sources such as power grids, fossil fuel generators, renewable generators to provide uninterrupted and high-quality power. The modular concept of the product offers the flexibility to accommodate various microgrid application requirements. Also, PowerStoreTM  is well supported by the automation component, e-mesh™ SCADA & Control, for effective monitoring and control.

e-mesh™ PowerStore™ is available in two variants, Integrated and Modular, for installations across utilities, remote communities, independent power producers, commercial and industrial establishments which covers a wide range of power rating. (50kW up to MW scale).

Key Features

•    Scalable design to meet any power and energy requirements

•    Intelligent and efficient power management system to ensure high-quality power

•    Compliant with cybersecurity standards to safeguard distributed energy assets

•    Fast sub-second response to meet fast-changing power requirements

•    Equipped to meet various grid code compliance across the globe

•    A pre-configured and pre-tested product which ensures quicker implementation



•    Resilient and high-quality power anywhere, anytime

•    Maximum utilization of renewables

•    Effective integration of various power sources to the grid

•    Improves power system stability and resiliency of the grid

•    Reduction in CO2 emissions and energy costs


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