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New Age Automation for Renewable Plants

Grid code compliant solutions for renewable plants

Harnessing renewables to supplement the grid

Transmission and distribution of electricity through a power grid that combines power generated at all voltage levels from intermittent renewable sources along with traditional generation is very challenging. While generating power from traditional fuel sources can be scheduled, renewable power generation is less predictable. With a high penetration of renewables, they are requested to contribute to stabilizing frequency and voltage.

ABB offers renewable plant automation solutions that help in simplifying plant operations, improving grid compliant renewable power production and maximizing asset return on investments. The pioneering automation technology provides monitoring and control for individual plants, generating energy from a mix of renewable sources, through to the remote management of a fleet of plants.

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  • Unified automation solution covering entire grid-connected renewables value chain
  • Integration of all plant assets into a single management system
  • Comprehensive plant monitoring, diagnostics, and control
  • Improved asset performance and increased power production
  • Seamless grid integration and grid code compliance
  • Optimized operations & maintenance of entire power plants
  • After-sales support services across all global locations 

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