RMDE reliability monitoring device


RMDE reliability monitoring device collects drive performance and event data so that it can be stored remotely and utilized for service, maintenance and troubleshooting. With 3G connection the data interfaces with ABB via the cloud. The collected data enables faster problem solving in an unexpected drive event. The data can further be used by digital services offered by ABB, such as

  • ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring - Service that delivers accurate, real-time information about drive events to ensure equipment is available, reliable and maintainable.
  • ABB Ability™ Remote Assistance - ABB specialist provides rapid support by using the drive's data which is stored remotely.

The RMDE device can also be interconnected to customer’s own data center for data collection.

One RMDE unit supports connection up to 20 ABB single drives. The device comes in a compact IP54 enclosure, making it suitable even for harsh environments. It is equipped with environmental sensors which enable collection of measured ambient temperature and humidity values. The RMDE device is easy to install and the 3G mobile connection ensures access to remote locations.

RMDE is compatible with ACS880 and ACS800 products.

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