MicroFlex e100 servo drives

MicroFlex™ e100 integrates the advanced capabilities of real-time Ethernet POWERLINK to provide superior performance, network integration and costs savings. MicroFlex e100 is compatible with the NextMove e100 motion controller to provide a fully integrated solution using real-time Ethernet.

With a dynamic mode providing up to 300% of rms current for up to 3 seconds, extend the peak current and hence peak torque capability of MicoFlex e100 and award winning MicroFlex e150 as standard.



  • Single-phase operation voltage from 110 to 230 V AC or three-phase operation voltage 230 V AC
  • 3, 6 and 9 Amp 200% overload for 3 seconds
  • 2.5, 5.25 and 7.5 Amp 300% overload for 3 seconds
  • High performance servo control for both rotary and linear brushless motors
  • A universal digital encoder feedback
  • Integrated Ethernet Powerlink and Modbus TCP

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