ACS880-04FXT - flange mounted single drive module packages

Simplicity for cabinet assembly

ACS880-04FXT consist of two parallel connected ACS880-04F single drive modules with common DC bus extending the power range up to 1200 kW. The package comes with an external control unit which has three slots for option modules, such as I/O extension and fieldbus adapter modules. ACS880-FXT is specifically designed for machine builders and systems integrators for optimized cabinet assembly.

Flange (push through) mounting is designed for outdoor cabinet and harsh environment installations where dust and other impurities are present. It enables simplified and cost-efficient cabinet installation by reducing the need for cooling inside the cabinet.

Examples of potential applications can be found in several industries where outdoor cabinets are used or where environment is harsh.
  • Typical industries: Oil & gas, cement, mining, water and wastewater, power generation, etc.
  • Applications such as: artificial lifting, mud pumps, fracturing pumps, crushers, conveyors, tunnel boring, pump stations, fancs, etc.


  • Power range 400 to 1200 kW 
  • Modules can be connected in 6- or 12-pulse configuration
  • Single drive module package for flexible and compact cabinet assembly
  • Built-in EMC filter, choke and brake chopper
  • Robust and cost-effective installation for harsh environments
  • The flange and heatsink of the drives have an IP55 (UL Type 12) protection rating, which means that they are protected against dust and low-pressure water
  • Possibility for back channel cooling
  • Possibility to connect the drive to a cooling air channel helps you save on electrical room air conditioning costs
  • Includes the benefits of all-compatible ACS880 industrial drives

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