ACS880-104LC - liquid-cooled inverter modules

Compact design with high power density

Built on our all-compatible drive architecture, these liquid-cooled inverter modules are designed to fulfil all your requirements for motor control and for cabinet building. The inverters are designed to be used in common DC bus systems, multidrives, to control several motors, but can also be used in a single drive configuration together with a dedicated supply unit.

The ACS880 modules come in two frame sizes: R7i and R8i. The modules are DC supplied and have several built-in options. The electrical connection to the common DC bus is fuse protected. An optional DC-switch can be selected to disconnect an individual inverter unit from the DC bus. The AC output for the motor cabling is equipped with a quick connector, which enables easy installation and removal of the module from the cabinet. The R7i module has additionally quick connectors for the DC supply connection. Each inverter module comes with safe torque off (STO) as standard.

The design is extremely compact which enables optimized drive cabinet installations. One drive module can deliver motor current up to 850 A. The inverter modules are 3-phase modules and can be parallel connected for higher powers as they come with inbuilt du/dt output filters as standard. The modules are light, only 37-41 kg (R7i) or 59-63 kg (R8i), meaning that the cabinet mechanical design and construction is less demanding.

The R7i modules come with an installation frame, which is fully generic and can be easily mounted into any kind of cabinet/enclosure/rack. The R7i can be mounted in vertical or horizontal position and the modules can be freely stacked on top of each other, which enables to build compact solutions for applications where e.g. the height of the enclosure is restricted. The R8i module with unique power density provides a perfect solution and optimized footprint for standard cabinets/panels with standard height.

Highlights of the ACS880-104LC liquid cooled inverter modules

  • ABB’s state of the art motor control technology Direct torque control (DTC) as standard
    • DTC provides precise speed and torque control
  • Several application specific control programs available as option
  • Support for various motor types
  • 3-phase module which can be parallel connected for higher powers
    • Wide power range 55 - 355 kW / 690V with one R7i module and 500 - 1400 kW / 690 V with 2 to 4 modules connected in parallel
    • Wide power range 355 – 800 kW / 690V with one R8i module and up to 3000 kW (6000 kW) / 690 V with 2 to 4 (8) modules connected in parallel
  • All ACS880 modules have extremely compact module design with unique power density
  • Light modules 37/41/59/63 kg with inbuilt handle for easy handling
  • Quick connectors for motor cables in all inverter modules, additional quick connectors for DC supply in R7i modules
  • Built-in du/dt filter as standard in all inverter modules
  • Integrated safety including STO as standard
  • Fast maintenance, easy serviceability
  • Intuitive control panel with USB port
  • Supports a wide range of fieldbus protocols
  • Flexible I/O and encoder option
  • Extensive selection of mechanical and electrical installation accessories

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