ACS880-1604LC - liquid-cooled DC-DC converters

For energy storage and reuse

This liquid-cooled converter can transfer energy from a common DC bus of a drive system into an external energy storage, e.g. battery or super capacitor. From there it can transfer the energy back to the DC bus when needed. Applications for energy storage and reuse are found in a range of industries, such as the Marine and Process Industry.

Typical applications are energy storages in hybrid and full electrical systems, where the energy storage can supply all or a part of the needed power. The converter can assist in power peak shaving and time shifting, enabling optimization of the energy supply between the supply network and the energy storage. The energy storage is charged when the energy demand is low and discharged during power peaks. The converter keeps the drive’s DC voltage constant during peaks. As the peak power is not taken from the supply network, it enables more economical dimensioning and lower costs. Another aspect is to store energy when the energy cost is low and re-use it when the energy cost is high. The converter can be used for electrical braking, where motors are decelerated, and transfers the excess energy to an energy storage to be re-used later. Electrical braking is an energy saving and more economical solution compared to resistor braking. The converter can also provide back-up power for critical applications during disturbances in the supply network, e.g. during voltage dips or power outages. 

The unit consists of liquid-cooled DCL output filters and converter modules, which are hardware compatible with ACS880-104LC inverter modules.


  • Optimization of energy consumption
  • Stability and back-up power in critical applications
  • Full support for hybrid and fully electrical systems 
  • Fast and accurate current control providing rapid response in dynamic situations
  • Output current range: 400A to 1800 A per unit. Units can be connected in parallel for higher powers.
  • Modular design, compact units, and easy installation
  • Converter modules are hardware compatible with ACS880-104LC inverter modules
  • Extensive selection of mechanical and electrical installation accessories

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