ACS880-604LC – liquid cooled brake units

Decelerating of motors by resistor braking

Brake units are used for the decelerating of motors through resistor braking. The brake units handle the energy generated by decelerating motors, for example, in emergency stopping. Whenever the voltage in the common DC bus exceeds a certain limit, a brake unit connects the bus to a braking resistor.

The offering includes two different braking concepts. The main difference between the concepts is controllability:

  1. One-phase brake unit (frame NBRW), on-off controlled (no modulation). The brake current depends only on the resistance of the brake resistor. Compact and cost efficient. Used mainly in single drives.
  2. Three-phase dynamic brake unit with modulating control (frame R8i). Brake current/power is controlled. Used in single drives and multidrives.


  • Power range:
    One-phase brake unit (NBRW): 404 to 2422 kW (Pbrmax) / 690 V
    Three-phase dynamic brake unit (R8i): 870 to 5200 kW (Pcontmax) / 690
  • Compact units
  • Easy installation
  • High instantaneous braking capability
  • The brake modules can be connected in parallel for higher powers.
  • The dynamic brake module is hardware compatible with the ACS880-104LC inverter modules
  • Designed for both single drive configurations and common DC bus drives
  • Extensive selection of mechanical and electrical installation accessories


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