ACS880 multidrives

All-compatible, space saving solutions for your multimotor needs

The all-compatible multidrives comes with various types of supply units including diode supply units and regenerative supply units and they are available as air and liquid cooled versions. Single supply and DC bus arrangement with several inverters reduce line power and system size. Utilize premium control of virtually any type of AC motor with direct torque control (DTC), including induction and permanent magnet motors and synchronous machines. Solutions to many different applications (such as paper machines, winders, rolling mills, processing lines, cranes, drilling and marine) are possible with flexible connectivity and an extensive range of options.

The ACS880 liquid-cooled drives with direct liquid cooling and robust design are an ultimate solution for various applications where space savings, silent operation or durability in harsh environments is a must. Since the liquid-cooling takes care of 98% of the heat losses, no additional filtered air-cooling is needed. The drive cabinets are totally enclosed with high protection class.

Common highlights

  • Power range 1.5 to 5600 kW (air cooled)
  • Built on common drives architecture
  • IP22, IP42, IP54 enclosure classes
  • Direct torque control (DTC) as standard
  • Integrated safety including STO as standard
  • Intuitive control panel with USB port
  • EMC filter, choke and brake chopper
  • Supports a wide range of fieldbus protocols
  • Flexible I/O and encoder options
  • Designed for easy service

Liquid cooled highlights

  • Power range 250 to 6000 kW
  • Totally enclosed cabinet
  • Very small footprint
  • Silent operation
  • No need to cool the electrical space
  • Marine approvals from various key classification bodies
  • Cooling liquid is ready-made commercially available Antifrogen® L mix with glycol and inhibitor

Multidrive units

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