ACS880-1607LC - liquid-cooled DC-DC converters

For energy storage and reuse

This liquid-cooled converter can transfer energy from a common DC bus of a drive system into an external energy storage, e.g. battery or super capacitor. From there it can transfer the energy back to the DC bus when needed. Applications for energy storage and reuse are found in a range of industries, such as marine (energy storage for hybrid and full electrical systems, power peak shaving, heave compensation etc.) and process industry (electrical braking or DC bus voltage stabilization).

The unit consists of liquid-cooled R8i and converter units, which are hardware compatible with ACS880-107LC inverter units.

Customer benefits include reduced costs (less fuel consumption, less or smaller generators in ships), improved ship performance and safety in critical situations.


  • Modular design
  • Compact converter units provides small footprint for assembly
  • Converter modules are hardware compatible with ACS880-107LC inverter units
  • Fast and accurate current control providing rapid response in dynamic situations
  • Process stability and energy savings in various applications

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