ACS880-907 - regenerative rectifier units

This supply unit is used in regenerative drive systems to convert three-phase AC voltage to DC voltage. The unit consists of R8i and L filter modules. During motoring the input current flows through diodes to the DC bus of the drive system and the supply unit works as a diode bridge. In regeneration the current flows from the DC bus through the IGBTs to the supply network. The IGBTs are switched to conduct only once during each network voltage cycle. This reduces switching losses and enables high input and output powers of the unit. Unlike with a thyristor bridge, the IGBTs can be switched off at any time which improves reliability.


  • Power range 294 to 6131 kVA 
  • Modular design with high power output
  • Compact inverter units provides small footprint for assembly
  • Same R8i module hardware as with R8i inverter module, but with up to 50% higher current rating (690 V)
  • Reliable also during network voltage fluctuations
  • Customized product that fulfills your needs

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