ACS880-07LC, liquid cooled cabinet-built single drives

All-compatible cabinet-built drives tailored to your needs

Built on ABB’s all-compatible drives architecture cabinet-built drives have a wide range of standard and optional features, saving installation space and time. With completely liquid cooled cabinet our cabinet can be installed in any invironment without a need for a single air filter change. Enjoy premium control of virtually any type of AC motor with direct torque control (DTC),including permanent magnet motors and synchronous
reluctance motors. Solutions to many different applications are possible with flexible connectivity and an extensive range of options. 


  • Power range 250 to 6000 kW 
  • Built on ABB’s common drives architecture
  • Compact design for custom made needs
  • Standard eclosure class IP42, IP54 as option
  • Direct torque control (DTC) as standard
  • Integrated safety including STO as standard
  • Intuitive control panel with USB port
  • Choke as standard and EMC filter, brake chopper as options 
  • Supports a wide range of fieldbus protocols
  • Flexible I/O and encoder options

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