ACS880-31, wall-mounted
ultra-low harmonic single drives

Manage and control harmonics

Our ultra-low harmonic drives produce exceptionally low harmonic content and exceed the requirements set by low harmonic recommendations. The compact ACS880-31 drive has harmonics mitigation built-in. This includes an active supply unit and integrated low harmonic line filter. So there is no need for external filters, multi-pulse arrangements or special transformers. By managing and controlling harmonics, the ACS880-31 reaches unity power factor.

The active supply unit in the drive is able to boost output voltage to guarantee full motor voltage even when the supply voltage is below nominal. The drive also offers the possibilty for network power factor correction to compensate for low power factors of equipment connected to the same network.


  • Power range 3 to 110 kW / 380 to 500 V
  • IP20, IP21 and IP55 enclosure classes - flange mounting possibility as an option
  • Total harmonic current distortion typically <3% in nominal situation and undistorted network
  • One compact drive package - no additional hardware needed
  • Simple and cost-efficient installation
  • Factory tested solution for high reliability
  • Built on ABB’s common drives architecture
  • Direct torque control (DTC) as standard
  • Integrated safety including STO as standard
  • Supports a wide range of fieldbus protocols, I/O and encoder options

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