ACS880-37LC, liquid cooled cabinet-built ultra-low harmonic single drives

Manage and control low harmonics

The ACS880-37LC liquid-cooled drives with direct liquid cooling and robust design are an ultimate solution for various applications where space savings, silent operation or durability in harsh environments is a must. Since the liquid cooling takes care of 98% of the heat losses, no additional filtered air-cooling is needed. The drive cabinets are totally enclosed with high protection class.

Our all-compatible ultra-low harmonic drives create less harmonics compared to drives with standard diode supply solutions.The very compact ACS880-37LC produces exceptionally low harmonic content in the drives input. This is achieved without external filters or multi-pulse transformers. By managing and controlling harmonics, the ACS880-37LC reaches unity power factor. The active supply unit in the drive is able to boost output voltage, which guarantees full motor voltage even when the supply voltage is below nominal.


  • Power range 250 to 6000 kW
  • IP42 and IP54 enclosure classes
  • Cabling solutions for bottom and top entry and exit
  • Optional liquid cooling unit (LCU) for single, redundant and tandem pump versions
  • 2-way valve cabinet for applications having too cold external coolant for heat exhanger. (E.g. arctic sea water.)
  • Advanced liquid cooling which reduces the need for air cooling in installation rooms
  • High power density with compact and robust design
  • Commercially available coolant mix, Antifrogen L
  • Silent operation
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • Marine approvals from various key classification bodies

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