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MotiFlex e180 motion control drives

Powering machine innovations

Time, resources and know how is highly invested in machine innovation and business success. When choosing suppliers you require the same commitment. Like with your machines, performance and dependability over the whole life cycle of the products and services is key.

The MotiFlex e180 delivers versatile motion control performance, capability and dependability to power machine innovations. Flexible connectivity is provided with Ethernet and motor feedback technologies that are highly integrated and optimized for demanding motion applications.

Additional Features:

  • Embedded Ethernet including EtherCAT®, Modbus TCP and Ethernet/IP
  • EtherCAT conformance certified by ETG
  • Powerful MINT programming for single axis motion applications
  • Safe torque off (STO) as standard - to IEC 61800-5-2, SIL3 PLe
  • MINT WorkBench provides configuration via Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Three phase operation 230 - 480 V AC
  • Control of both rotary and linear servo motors

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MotiFlex e180 engineering information

MotiFlex e180 features and benefits

 Key benefit       Key feature
Simplifying system designs and build times offering higher performance   Real-time connectivity with EtherCAT and POWERLINK protocols           
One cable solutions reducing fitting time and 50% less cables   Hiperface DSL is supported to provide a single cable solution
Easy integration into high performance machines, reducing system losses   Connect an existing DC bus system directly to the drive
Greater dynamic movements possible              Built-in brake chopper and on-board braking capability           
Save time by preparing drive settings off-site, or move settings from one drive to another              Scalable motion functionality with the removable Memory unit
Maintain positional information in a power outage with immediate restart               Support control electronics even when the mains power is off with an External 24 V logic supply            

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