The servo drive MicroFlex e190 is updated to a new version


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Scope of the release

The release of the servo drives includes 3 kinds of rated current. They are 3 A, 6 A and 9 A. The type codes are as follows:

  • MFE190-04UD-03A0-2
  • MFE190-04UD-06A0-2
  • MFE190-04UD-09A0-2


General update

  • Keep the major features of former MicroFlex e190, such as various kinds of communication protocols support, pulse/analog control mode, integrated Mint programming etc.
  • Cancel the servo drive variant of the 1.6 A rated current
  • Remove 110 VAC from the main power range
  • Only support 24 VDC line supply (cancel the 12 VDC line supply support) for the control circuit. The communication and configuration can be done when the power for the main circuit is cut off


  • Better electromagnetic compatibility
  • Better stability on digital input
  • Enhance the reliability in the vibration environment by adding a fastening screw for the memory card
  • The new design for the airduct and heatsink decreases the noisy and improves the heat dispersion efficiency
  • Supports dual port PROFINET communication via E1/E2
  • Better quality and performance

Supported firmware

  • MicroFlex e190 Build 5903 & onwards

For more information about the product, please contact with your local ABB sales representative.

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