Mastering drive customizing: How to get the fit right

Like a tailor making a fine suit, there are numerous aspects of our drives that we can customize to get the best fit for you. This, in turn, helps you create a machine that more efficiently meets your customer’s requirements, and makes you look better.

Your customers expect the machines they order from you to be specifically adapted for their needs. To support you in doing this, we offer customizing solutions to make this happen, with either you or ABB doing the customizing work. All of these customized services focus on speeding up your work, whether it concerns programming or device handling.

Customized, for customers’ individual needs

From a usability perspective, the quicker the user of the machine can access the drive and configure it the better it is for him or her. To achieve this, we can customize menus, parameters and macros on the drives control panel or PC tool interface using ABB’s Drive customizing software suite. Once menus, parameters and macros have been personalized, they can be protected using differentiated access levels via passcodes, depending on the user.   

Speaking your own language

To increase understandability and ease-of-use, the Drive customizer makes it possible to rapidly program the drive to speak the language of the application it is controlling. This serves to speed up the use and operation of the drive, again resulting in savings in time and money.

Branding: For your personal touch

Depending on what your customer wants, you can brand the drive both externally and internally so it fits together with the rest of the machinery in the installation. For external drive customization, we offer easy branding of the drive using a removable clip, where you place your own logotype or image. Internal customization such as branding of the user interface and menu with the customer’s own logotype make it look exactly as you wish.

Fixed firmware version for easier future use

Drive firmware is updated on regular basis with new features to support new applications and upcoming technical requirements. If you have a need to use the same drive firmware for a longer period of time in the machines you build, we can store a firmware version for you. The reason for sticking with the same firmware might be that you wish to keep the machine functioning exactly as tested. This also reduces the need of documentation updates and may be required by the legislation and approvals in your business.

Cold configuring and customization before start-up

To speed up your actual machine assembly and commissioning, customization can be loaded into a drive with our cold configuration tool before the drive is started-up and commissioned. Customization of the drive’s menus, parameters and macros is done before electricity is connected to the drive.

Take it for a test drive in the lab

To assure that the drive fits optimally together with the chosen motor, we give you the possibility to test them together in our laboratory. This is a great opportunity to learn about how efficiently the drive and motor work together, as well as ensuring that the drive works securely.

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Vesa Metso

I'm a Process and tools development manager in ABB Low Power Drives. I'm responsible for our standardized drives customization offering. I've been working with customer specific solutions for over ten years in Low Power Drives, R&D, Product management and Support teams.

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