Pioneering energy efficiency for reliable drinking water supply in the Netherlands

Evides Waterbedrijf has built its success in the water business based on a philosophy of sustainability, and a trust in the long-term quality and reliability of its technologies and partnerships. Its pumping station project is a good example, as it has pioneered the first use of ABB’s low-energy SynRM, synchronous reluctance motor and variable frequency drive (VFD) technology in the Netherlands.

The water sector is known to be very careful about taking any risks that might disrupt water supply. “We wanted to be the first one in the Netherlands to experience the benefits that the SynRM motor offers in combination with the variable frequency drives,” says Toine Rijsdijk, an Evides Process Automation Engineer who worked on the project. 

Energy savings achieved with the motor-drive solution are estimated to be around 20 percent compared to induction motors used in the old stations. “The new motors are much cooler, meaning heat and energy losses are lower. In addition, the noise levels are much reduced as well,” says Joost van Belzen, a Project Engineer at Evides who was the Site Manager responsible for building the new Nieuwdorp water pumping plant.

Another advantage, says Rijsdijk, is that “the operating system of the drive is very easy to use, for every-one. So it is accessible to everyone. Overall we are very satisfied and the motor is a success for us. We call it ‘the Golden Motor’.”

In case you are interested to hear more about Evides Waterbedrijf's case, please check the video and the case note below.

Toine Rijsdijk, Process Automation
Engineer at Evides


Customer  Evides Waterbedrijf 
Location  Nieuwdorp, Netherlands
Project scope  Automation system to ensure reliable control of a pump set pumping purified water from buffer-water storage reservoirs while another pump set is redundant 
Drives and controls deliveries  ACS880 industrial drives and SynRM motor package
Keys to success  Energy efficiency, noise and heat loss reduction, high level of local support and service, easy installation

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